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There are more than two dozen tribal groupings among the Turkmens today, the largest of which are Teke, Yomut, and Ersari.

Turkmenistan has an area of 188,450 square miles (488,100 square kilometers). In fact, Central Asia's two largest deserts—the Garagum and the Gyzylgum—make up almost 90 percent of Turkmenistan's territory.

The original Oghuz tribes—the core of the early Turkmens—are supposed to have descended from this ancestor.

A popular legend says that when Allah (God) made the world, the Turkmens were the first to get a land filled with sunshine, but the last to get any water.

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Members may conduct pilgrimages there when the need arises.To the south are the Balkan and Kopet Dag mountains.Other geographical features are the Caspian Sea in the west, and the Amu Darya River in the east.An estimated 3 million Turkmens live in Turkmenistan.Some 2 million more live in northern Iran and northwestern Afghanistan.

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